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The Dropout is the first episode of Season 2 of the The Brady Bunch, and the 26th overall episode in the series. Written by Ben Gershman and directed by Peter Baldwin, it first aired 25 September 1970 on ABC.

Short Summary[]

After a compliment from Don Drysdale, Greg dedicates his whole life to playing baseball.


Mike asks one of his clients, former major leaguer Don Drysdale, to stop by the house so that the boys can meet him. A few pointers and a few compliments Don throws his way makes Greg, a pony league pitcher, believe that a major league career as a pitcher for the Dodgers is his imminent destiny. This becomes Greg's sole focus to the exclusion of all else, including his schoolwork, as he doesn't see the need since he will be rich and famous regardless. He's even considering dropping out of school, so Mike and Carol try to remind him about the importance of schoolwork and education.

As nothing seems to convince Greg, Mike and Carol hope that a few words from Don about the importance of an education and the unglamorous reality of a baseball career will do the trick. Mike invites Drysdale over to talk about the drawbacks of life on the road, which include long hours of traveling, nights without sleep, how any player can become unpopular and hated by one bad game. While Don himself has a college degree, and plans on using it to pursue other careers soon, as he's 34 years old, and nearing the end of his baseball career, he has colleagues who never got out of the minor leagues, and don't have a college degree, and are now struggling to make a living. Mike and Don make sure Greg overhears everything. However, it only convinces Greg more that he is the next big thing. Ultimately, Greg has to find out first hand that his road to the major leagues is not as easy or preordained as he would think. It takes a twelve-run shelling in his Pony League game to knock Greg back to reality.

Greg initially thinks he'll never play baseball again, but Mike persuades him not to give up entirely on it, but simply to have it be a part of his life, but not his whole life.


  • Greg's voice is deeper in the episode and onward, due to Barry Williams going through puberty.
  • From this episode on, the theme song is now in F-Major then in G-Flat Major after the key change.