The Fender Benders is the twenty-third and final episode of Season 3 of The Brady Bunch, and the 72nd overall episode of the series. Written by David P. Harmon and directed by Allen Baron, it first aired 10 March 1972 on ABC.

Short Summary

A minor parking lot car accident winds up in small claims court after the other driver claims he was seriously hurt because of Carol's supposed reckless driving, but Mike decides to expose the ruse in court.


Carol is involved in a minor fender bender in the supermarket parking lot. Marcia, Bobby and Cindy were passengers in the car at the time. According to Carol, she was backing out of her stall. A Harry Duggan was backing his car out of its stall across the aisle without looking and after she had started backing out, he hit her. Since both cars sustained about the same amount of damage - a dented fender apiece - Mr. Duggan and Carol decide to fix their own cars and leave it at that.

However, Mr. Duggan later recants, stating that his car requires major repairs, claiming the accident was due to her reckless driving and that he was injured as a result. He threatens to sue unless Carol pays for the damages. The problem for Carol is that Marcia, Bobby and Cindy, as witnesses, can't agree if Carol's story is indeed accurate. The four people in Carol's car have to figure out if Carol was indeed at fault, and if not how to prove that Mr. Duggan's increasingly elevated sense of injustice against him is a total lie. Carol goes to court to dispute the exaggerated charges, and wins with a big assist from Mike.

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