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The Liberation of Marcia Brady is the nineteenth episode of Season 2 of The Brady Bunch, and the 44th overall episode of the series. Written by Charles Hoffman, and directed by Russ Mayberry, it premiered 12 February 1971 on ABC.

Short Summary[]

After Marcia is polled about women's liberation and Greg taunts her, she resolves to join the all-male Frontier Scouts to prove a point that women can do anything men can do.


It isn't until local television news reporter Ken Jones shows up at the school with a microphone asking about young women's thoughts on the issue that Marcia even thinks about women's liberation. She states on camera that she, as a female, should have at least the same opportunities as males. She regrets doing so immediately after the microphone is put away, but decides to fight for those statements when she is later mocked by especially Greg after the piece airs on the evening news, and after Greg issues her an informal challenge to prove that she can do anything boys can. In answer to Greg's challenge, Marcia ultimately decides to join the Frontier Scouts, in which Greg is a member and Mike a council master, and which does not have anything listed in the regulations about membership gender requirements. However, Marcia has to pass the field initiation test before she can join. Greg does whatever he can both to make Marcia see what he considers the silliness of what she is trying to do. Too old to be able to do the same in retaliation for Marcia's Sunflower Girls, Greg decides to enlist Peter to join in his stead. While Peter's attempt to sell cookies wilts under his gross embarrassment, Marcia proves she is well suited to join the Frontier Scouts by passing all the tests. Marcia ultimately does not join, she just wanted to make her point known.


  • Interviewing Marcia and the other girls was real-life news reporter Ken Jones, who worked at the time for KTTV ch. 11 in Los Angeles. He was with the station for many years and appeared in several movies and TV shows, usually playing himself.
  • Claire Wilcox (Judy) and Maureen McCormick (Marcia) had previously appeared together in a 1967 episode of My Three Sons.
  • While the plot revolved around Marcia joining the Frontier Scouts, it wasn't until 2019 that girls were officially allowed to join the real Boy Scouts of America program.


  • When the reporter asked Marcia if she had any brothers she replied, "Yes, sir, three." Yet, when replayed later on TV, her reply was slightly different; it was "Yes, sir, I have three." The "I have" was omitted in the original interview.