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The New Bradys is an fanfiction series written by Runwaygirl20. It is the continuation of the Brady Bunch series featuring Peter Brady, his wife, Claire, and their six daughters; Camille, Kristin, Eden, Stacie, Lauren, and Kendra.


Peter Brady, one of the popular and memorable Brady kids, is living in Long Beach, California with his wife, Claire, an interior designer, and their six daughters; 15-year-old Camille, 13-year-old Kristin, 11-year-old Eden, 9-year-old Stacie, 8-year-old Lauren, and 5-year-old Kendra. The series deals with Peter Brady being the patriarch of his own family, dealing with being a father of six girls. The series has some storylines for Peter's kids; Camille's struggles with her sexuality and her attraction with a girl, Kristin's on and off relationship with Leo McCabe, whom Peter didn't approve of and her pursuing an interest in cosmetology, Eden's passion for dancing, which lead to Eden to forgo college and join the L.A. Clippers Dance Squad.


  • Peter Brady - The middle Brady son, who is now married to Claire Middleton and working as a stay-at-home dad, while Claire is a real-estate agent
  • Claire Middleton-Brady - Peter's wife.
  • Camille Brady - Peter and Claire's first daughter. She is a type-A student struggling with her sexuality.
  • Kristin Brady - Peter and Claire's second daughter. She is know for being a pretty and popular flirt. She has an on-off relationship with her boyfriend Leo McCabe. Kristin later attends cosmetology school and becomes a makeup artist.
  • Eden Brady - Peter and Claire's third daughter. She is a fame-seeking girl who takes an interest in both dancing and theatre. She forgoes college to join the L.A. Clippers Dance Squad.
  • Stacie Brady - Peter and Claire's fourth daughter. She is born deaf and wants to be like her sisters.
  • Lauren Brady - Peter and Claire's fifth daughter.
  • Kendra Brady - Peter and Claire's six and final daughter.