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The Not-So-Rose-Colored-Glasses is the thirteenth episode of Season 3 of The Brady Bunch, and the 62nd overall episode in the series. Written by Bruce Howard and directed by Leslie H. Martinson, it first aired 24 December 1971 on ABC.

Short Summary[]

Jan learns the importance of wearing her new glasses after an accident in the garage ruins the children's anniversary gift to Mike and Carol.


Mike and Carol receive disturbing news of an eyewitness account that Jan stole someone else's bicycle from the park. Upon investigating, they learn it was all a misunderstanding as Jan had simply mistaken a nearly identical-looking bike for her own. However, Mike and Carol receive more bad news about Jan. Her teacher writes a note that she is unfocused in class and as a result her grades (except for gym) are slipping. (She is getting "C's" and "D's". She is getting horrible grades in every subject except for physical education.) And she may not graduate eighth grade if this continues.

It turns out that the culprit for all of this Jan's eyesight. Jan is mortified to learn that she will need glasses, which she feels will make her look goofy, especially troublesome as she is trying to attract one of her male classmates. As such, Jan tries at every turn not to wear her glasses. She gets a scolding from Marcia. Finally, after a scolding from Greg, she ruins the wedding anniversary picture (after her bike ran into it in the garage).

Jan learns her lesson about the need to wear her glasses as she gets into an accident while riding her bicycle without wearing her glasses. Although she is unharmed, she ruins the photograph of her and her siblings that Mike was going to give to Carol for their third wedding anniversary. Jan tries to replace the photo without her father's knowledge. However, because the scatterbrained photographer misplacing the negatives, the six kids will have to take another photograph. While the photographer is willing to do so for free, the kids will need to pay for the new frame, and they all are broke, from having bought their own anniversary gifts. Plus, all the kids have able to sneak out of the house in their good clothes, but Alice notices the boys, and Carol notices the girls, Greg tells Alice he's going on a fancy date, Peter and Bobby explain they don't want to get their clean play clothes dirty, and the girls tell Carol they're making a fashion statement. Finally, they have to remember the continuity between the first photograph and the retake.

Carol is proud of Jan for wearing her glasses. Then she (and the other kids --Greg, Peter, Bobby, Marcia, and Cindy) decide to hang up the wedding anniversary picture some place in the house. However, Mike does notice something different about the picture. So he calls Jan in for a talking-to. The first picture had been taken before Jan had gotten her glasses, but she's wearing them in the new one. Jan confesses she had accidently wrecked the old photo, by riding her bike without her glasses. Mike is prepared to punish Jan for her deception. Jan's punishment is no bicycle for two weeks (and while grounded from it for two weeks, she can only leave the house to go to school and see her friends during school hours --and by extension, she is to come straight home when she comes home from school). But when he (Mike) learns that she sold her bicycle to pay for the replacement frame, he decides no further action is needed on his end.


  • In real life, Eve Plumb had to get glasses. The writers incorporated that necessity into the show for her character.