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The Power of the Press is the nineteenth episode of Season 3 of The Brady Bunch, and the 68th overall episode of the series. Written by Ben Gershman and Bill Freedman and directed by Jack Arnold, it first aired 4 February 1972 on ABC.

Short Summary[]

After joining the school newspaper staff, Peter hopes to earn points with his teacher by writing a flattering column about him.


An excited Peter has just been chosen from the many applicants to be the new bylined reporter, calling himself "Scoop" Brady, with his own column for the school newspaper. He wants to be a hard-hitting reporter, only telling the truth. He initially finds that topics for his column are hard to come by, and that making those topics interesting is difficult. Advice he gets from family to jazz up columns by naming specific people and flattering them in the process is a hit with the people involved, who shower him with favors when they see themselves mentioned in print.

Because this job ends up taking up all his time, Peter neglects his school work, which is especially troublesome as it is final exam time. He fails his final science exam, the class led by Mr. Price, who is known as the toughest and dourest teacher in the school. Peter figures if the flattery worked on his classmates, he will use the power of the press to flatter humorless Mr. Price in hopes of passing science class. Meanwhile, Marcia is preparing a puppet show roasting the teachers for the school's year-end jamboree night.

After the test Peter admits what he has done to Mr. Price, not realizing that he has read the piece – standard procedure when staff are mentioned in the paper. They both learn something from the discussion.