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The Treasure of Sierra Avenue is the seventh episode of Season 2 of The Brady Bunch, and the 32nd overall episode of the series. Written by Gwen Bagni and Paul Dubov and directed by Oscar Rudolph, it first aired 6 November 1970 on ABC.

Short Summary[]

The boys discover a wallet containing $1,100 in a vacant lot, and learn that honesty and integrity are more important in life than "finders keepers."


Greg, Peter and Bobby are playing football alone in a vacant lot when Bobby finds a wallet without any identification in it, but a lot of large bills. After taking it home, Greg finds that the wallet contains exactly $1,100. The three first argue about who gets to keep the money, and following that argument the boys have a fight with the girls about whether they will share the money with them, which the boys refuse to do. It may be a moot point if the owner of the wallet comes forward. Mike suggests turning the wallet over to the police, but Mike still places an ad in the lost and found section much to the boys' chagrin. Because of the way all the children are acting, Mike and Carol hope that the owner does come forward, not only for the owner's sake, but also to keep the peace in the house. The question becomes who will get what they want as a result of the found wallet.


•(Mike has left the newspaper near the phone; in the paper, there is an ad about another lost wallet)

Greg (on the phone): $220? Sir, I'm happy to--I mean, I'm sorry to tell you, but this isn't your wallet. Goodbye.

(Hangs up)

Peter: Boy, it sure pays to be honest!

Mike: Yeah; it sure does. And I'm proud of both of you. But I already called that ad.

Greg: You called?

Mike: Mm-hmm. That's why the paper's near the phone.

Greg: You know somethin', Dad? I feel it. That money's gonna be ours.

Mike: Mmm. Might.

Peter: "Might"? It's already been a whole day.

Greg: And nobody even called the police. I checked.

Mike: Well, people don't always go to the police. That's why I put an ad of my the paper.

Greg: You put one in?

Peter: About our money?

Mike: About the money you found.

Greg: What'd ya say in the ad?

Mike: Well, just, whoever lost a wallet, call us up and identify it. Now, that oughta bring results.

•Mike (to Carol): Me and the Mrs. got a great buncha kids.