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The Wheeler-Dealer is the fourth episode of Season 3 of The Brady Bunch, and the 53rd overall episode of the series. Written by Bill Freedman and Ben Gershman and directed by Jack Arnold, it first aired 8 October 1971 on ABC.

Short Summary[]

Greg gets his driver's license, and his first set of wheels, thanks to his fast-talking buddy, but the car turns out to be a beat-up buggy, and no amount of restoration can turn this lemon into lemonade.


Despite his father's assurances that he will do fine, Greg is outwardly confident but inwardly nervous about his driver's test. He does end up passing on his first try. Despite his parents stating that they will lend their cars to him on occasion, Greg would rather buy his own car. Although his aspirations exceed his pocketbook, Greg, vowing to let Mike approve anything he wants to buy, plans to go ahead to buy something immediately. Mike figures that Greg won't buy anything yet as he won't be satisfied with what he could get with only a hundred dollars in his wallet.

Given the tough sales job by his friend Eddie to buy immediately or risk having someone else snatch it up in the meantime, Greg goes against his word and buys Eddie's 1956 Chevrolet Bel Air convertible, a jalopy of a car, without Mike having seen it. It ends up being a lemon, even after Greg's valiant repair effort. As such, Greg decides he will pull an "Eddie" on some other unsuspecting soul to get rid of the heap of scrap metal, but has a change of heart and sells it for junk instead.