General Information
Birthname: Tiger
Sex: Male
Species: Dog
Family/Personal Information
Relatives: The Bradys
Episodes appeared in: Parts of Season 1 and Season 2

Tiger is The Brady Bunch's pet. He was their pet dog for two years, until he was unexplainedly written off the show. Tiger's final (filmed) appearance was during Season 2 episode 11 "What Goes Up..."

Animal Actors

According to Barry Williams, when the Season 1 episode "Katchoo" was being filmed, the original dog actor had forgotten to look both ways before crossing a street and was killed after being hit by a florist truck.

A replacement dog was found, but its behavior proved to be troublesome. In fact, for the scene where Tiger is eating a bone in the boys' room, its collar had to be nailed to the floor. Due to its erratic behavior, the new Tiger was only brought out in episodes where it was included in the script. Its final filmed appearance was in episode "What Goes Up...", after which he disappeared without an explanation.

However, despite Tiger being written out of the show, his doghouse was still kept in the Brady Bunch set, to cover a damage caused to the faux Astroturf lawn.

Episode Appearances (in filming order)