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Two Petes in a Pod
Season 5, Episode # 18
Number (#113) in series (117 episodes)
Network: ABC-TV
TV series: The Brady Bunch
Guest star(s) Robbie Rist
Denise Nickerson
Kathy O'Dare
Production code: 113
Writer(s) Sam Locke & Milton Pascal
Director Richard Michaels
Original airdate 8 February 1974
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Two Petes in a Pod is the eighteenth episode of Season 5 of The Brady Bunch, and the 113th overall episode of the series. Written by Sam Locke and Milton Pascal and directed by Richard Michaels, it first aired 8 February 1974 on ABC.

Short Summary[]

Peter literally runs into his double at school and takes him home to play a trick on his family which backfires.


Peter meets a new transfer student named Arthur Owens, who looks remarkably similar to him except that Arthur wears glasses. Peter convinces Arthur to pretend to be him to play a gag on his family. Beyond some differences in tastes and interests, no one could tell that Arthur wasn't Peter. Arthur, as Peter, agrees to keep Mike's boss Mr. Phillips' visiting niece Pamela company on Friday night at the house, unaware that Peter already has a date on Friday to a costume party with Michelle, a girl in his class who he's been trying to date all year.

When Peter finds out about his date with Pamela, Mike won't let him back out of it. Peter figures that since Arthur agreed to the date with Pamela, he should be the one to keep the date, again pretending to be Peter. Problems arise when Arthur is delayed and both Pamela and Michelle show up at the house, which means that Peter has to do a juggling act with the two girls in the same house until Arthur shows up, if he shows up. Carol and Mike catch on, but Pamela is actually attracted to Arthur, and Michelle is finally attracted to Peter.

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