Valerie Baxton
Valerie Baxton and Peter

Boss Valerie, and her partner/employee/fiancee Peter

General Information
Occupation: Head of and partner in law firm with Peter
About: Visits the Brady clan with Peter, who has reservations and hangups of being subordinate to Valerie in their ad agency
Family/Personal Information
Life partner(s): Peter Brady
Appeared on: appeared in the ABC-TV movie A Very Brady Christmas (1988)
Character played by: Carol Huston (A Very Brady Christmas)

Mary Cadorette (The Bradys)

Valerie Baxton is a character who appears in the CBS-TV series The Bradys and the 1988 ABC-TV movie A Very Brady Christmas. The part of Valerie is played by Carol Huston in the film, and by Mary Cadorette in The Bradys.

About Valerie

In A Very Brady Christmas, Valerie tries to bring Peter, who is the minority part of the law firm she is part of with her, to resign to the fact that she earns a bigger salary than he. When they agree to visit Peter's family for Christmas, he is finally able to resign to that fact, in getting over his hangups about a woman earning more income than a man in a relationship, as the two happily spend the holidays with the rest of the Brady clan.

Carol Huston did not reprise her role for The Bradys, instead the role of Valerie was played by Mary Cadorette. In the first episode, the relationship between Valerie and Peter was going smoothly. Peter was so excited his brother Bobby would be competing the Nashville 500 and suggested Valerie accompany him to go watch Bobby over there. But unfortunately, Valerie refuses to go citing her law firm is more important than the race. When Peter found out that Bobby was injured while involved in a race accident, Peter begged Valerie once more to accompany him to Nashville to see Bobby in hospital, but Valerie still refuses yet again. Disgusted, Peter not only quits his job at Valerie's firm, but also decides to break up their engagement with her, which upsets her even though she felt some sympathy for Peter. Valerie is never mentioned or heard again in other episodes.