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Vote for Brady is the eleventh episode of Season 1 of The Brady Bunch. Written by Elroy Schwartz and directed by David Alexander, it first aired 12 December 1969 on ABC.

Short summary[]

Greg and Marcia compete for student body president.


Marcia and Greg are the only two people nominated for student body president. Each is happy for the other until the campaigning begins. Partisanship overtakes the household. While the boys side with Greg and the girls side with Marcia, Carol and Mike want to show their two politician offspring that they are impartial in the matter and will help both as required.

Alice is another story, she who gets caught in the middle of an unfortunate campaign incident. In the ups and downs of the campaigns, both Greg and Marcia are quick to lay blame on the other for any problems they end up facing regardless of if they have proof or if the other did actually cause the problems. As election day approaches, Carol makes a request of one of the two kids, which takes on extra meaning after that candidate witnesses a dispute in the other camp. When his campaign manager Rusty suggests stirring up rumors about Marcia, Greg rejects the idea and fires him. Marcia overhears this and realizes Greg has integrity and a sense of fair play, and decides to concede.

Later, Cindy wins the position of crossing guard for a week, upsetting Bobby.