Wally Logan

Wally, Marcia's husband

General Information
Occupation: Executive in a toy company
About: Struggles to maintain steady work after losing a series of toy company exec jobs; goes into catering business with Marcia, that becomes a big success
Family/Personal Information
Relatives: Jessica Logan (daughter)
Mickey Logan (son)
Mike Brady (stepfather in-law)
Carol Brady (mother in-law)
Greg Brady (stepbrother in-law)
Nora Brady (stepsister-in-law)
Kevin Brady (step-nephew-in-law)
Peter Brady (stepbrother in-law)
Bobby Brady (stepbrother in-law)
Tracy Brady (stepsister-in-law)
Jan Covington (sister in-law)
Phillip Covington (brother-in-law)
Patti Covington (adoptive niece)
Cindy Brady (sister in-law)
Spouse(s): Marcia Brady
Appeared on: The Brady Brides
Episodes appeared in: 6 episodes, entire series
Character played by: Jerry Houser

Wallace "Wally" Logan is a character who appears in the NBC-TV series The Brady Brides, the 1988 CBS-TV movie A Very Brady Christmas, and in all episodes of the 1990 short-lived CBS-TV spinoff series The Bradys. The part of Wally is played in all the appearances by actor and voice artist Jerry Houser.

About Wally

In The Brady Brides TV series, the clashes between Jan's uptight husband, Phillip Covington (Ron Kuhlman). a college professor in science who is several years older than Jan, and Marcia's slovenly husband, Wally. who is, when steadily working, a fun-loving salesman for a large toy company, seemed to serve as the pivot on which many of the stories for the short-lived TV series waa based, as Wally, like the Oscar Madison character on the ABC-TV series The Odd Couple, could be quite a slob, compared to the Phillip, who was rather the neat freak, ala the Felix Unger character. In A Very Brady Christmas, Wally, recently fired from his job at the toy company where he was employed, manages to latch on with a rival toy company owned by Leonard Prescott (F.J. O'Neil) a neighbor of the Bradys and a friend of Mike and Carol who offers Wally, who was afraid to tell the family that he was laid off from his previous job, a position at his company.

By the time he appears on The Bradys, he and Marcia have new troubles as Marcia battles alcoholism, while Wally, who apparently could'nt keep the job with Mr. Prescott's company, lost yet another in a series of jobs, the latest being Mike's campaign manager. As their family are forced to temporarily move in with Mike and Carol, the eventually decide to open their own catering business to support their family, which becomes a big success!

Wally has two children, Jessica Logan and Michael 'Mickey' Logan. It is unknown whether Mickey was named after his grandfather, Mike.