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Where There's Smoke is the fourteenth episode of Season 2 of The Brady Bunch, and the 39th overall episode of the series. Written by David P. Harmon and directed by Oscar Rudolph, it first aired 8 January 1971 on ABC.

Short Summary

Greg is caught with cigarettes in his school jacket, but nobody believes him when he truthfully says they're not his.


Buckling under the pressure to look cool around his friend Tommy and some other musician friends who want him to perform with them, Greg tries smoking for the first time, which Cindy and Jan see. Jan and Cindy confide in Marcia, who, in turn, asks Alice for advice for a "friend". Marcia ends up telling their parents, who in turn confront Greg with the information. Greg doesn't deny it, knows that what he did was wrong, and admits he didn't even like it. Greg expects to be punished, such as not being able to perform at an upcoming gig, but Carol and Mike do not issue a punishment at all, believing Greg has learned his lesson, as he promises never to smoke again.

Out of this situation, Carol decides to join a anti-smoking committee aimed at youth led by fellow mother, Mrs. Johnson (Tommy's mother). When Greg comes home at the end of a committee meeting with cigarettes falling out of his jacket pocket, the resulting situation causes a problem for both Carol and Greg and Carol's standing within the committee, especially as Carol has to decide if she trusts Greg to tell the truth as opposed if he is hiding something he promised never to do again. But Greg vows to prove that his parents' trust is well earned by discovering the mystery of how the cigarettes got there. Alice realizes that the jacket with the cigarettes was not Greg's; his has a repaired tear. It is Tommy's jacket, and they were Tommy's cigarettes. Tommy tries to switch the jackets. Greg forces Tommy to admit the truth to Mike and Carol, and Tommy's mother is present as well. She apologizes to Greg for accusing him and Carol, but promises Tommy a severe talking to before and after they pick his father up from the airport about this. Greg however, is still in trouble... because he never remembers to hang his coat up!


  • This is the first episode where Greg plays guitar and sings. The song is "Till I Met You", which Barry Williams co-wrote.
  • This is the only episode where Greg smokes.