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You're Never Too Old
Season 4, Episode # 21
Number (#93) in series (117 episodes)
Network: ABC-TV
TV series:
Guest star(s) None
Production code: 094
Writer(s) Gene Thompson
Director Robert Reed
Original airdate 9 March 1973
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You're Never Too Old is the twentieth episode of Season 4 of The Brady Bunch, and the 93rd overall episode of the series. Written by Ben Gersham and Bill Freedman and directed by Bruce Bilson, it first aired 9 March 1973 on ABC.

Short Summary[]

The kids try to set up Grandma Connie and Grandpa Hank Brady when the two come for a visit.


Carol's Kentucky grandmother, Connie Hutchins, who is young in spirit and body and has a modern sensibility, decides at the last minute to make a visit. It is bad timing if only because Mike and Carol have previous engagements, leaving Grandma largely with the kids. But Marcia and Jan in particular think they have a better way for their great-grandmother to spend their time while in town. As Great-grandma has never remarried, the girls think that they have the perfect person with who she should meet and fall in love with, their great-grandfather, retired judge Hank Brady. Although their meeting starts off cordially enough, Great-grandma and Great-grandpa quickly have a falling out, largely because they are opposites: Great-grandpa is conservative and a traditionalist, who believes that spouting Latin is a good time. Despite this setback, Marcia and Jan are determined to prove that opposites truly do attract. Grandma Hutchins finally wins over Grandpa Brady, and the two elope in Las Vegas.